fraternal greetings!

We hope that this site will answer most of your questions about this unique, yet profound movement by providing an information "gateway" to the various pieces of the still little-known French Gnostic Tradition. This tradition manifestated in Europe, specifically in France, out of the various Philosophical, Illuminist, Rosicrucian, Theosophical, Masonic and Gnostic movements essentially present during the renaissance of the 18th and 19th centuries.  This tradition continues even today in many countries around the world.

This intricate web of Esoteric organizations offers a full spectrum of spirituality for the individual. The organizations linked herein provide a complete esoteric discipline, and a clearly marked path by means of initiation. For most of us, as we sojourn through this earthly life, we can but hope to catch a few glimpses of that light which comes from beyond. Each must accomplish the journey individually, but the esoteric training offered by participation in the mysteries of this tradition may assist in that journey toward the source, and provide the fellowship and community which can be so comforting along the way.

The Gnostic Church offers a traditional sacramental system as developed throughout history, while allowing freedom of individual thought. The initiatory traditions offer recognition of the progress made, as well as the knowledge, confidence and techniques to make the spiritual journey of life fulfilling and successful.  

While there are many who may claim to be part of whaht is termed the "French Gnostic Tradition", that is not usually the case. Most of these groups may at best claim some distant origin within the tradition, but have varied greatly from it to espouse beliefs and practices which are divergent from the veritable 'Tradition' and its roots in Europe. What we present here is a picture of the core Tradition and those organizations which have endeavored to maintain that core (some variations are inevitable, else stagnation would occur, but these are typically still within the scope of the beliefs and practices of our forebears) in the spiritual tradition of Doinel, +Bricaud, +Chevillon, +Chambellant, the Patriarchs of the Gnostic Church and heirs to her affiliated initiatory traditions.

Gilles Quispel:

"The world-spirit in exile must go through the Inferno of matter and the Purgatory of morals to arrive at the spiritual Paradise."